EASY Masonry Cleaner

Cleans all Porous Stone & Concrete

An Excellent rejuvenator for heavily soiled paving, brickwork and masonry. A high performance non-solvent, non-acid cleaner, which completely removes natural soiling from all porous building materials. Will not damage natural/sensitive stone. Results can be seen quickly with improvements continuing for 24 hours. Generally revitalises all concrete and stone. Particularly effective on walls, floors, paths, fountains, monuments, block paving, all other natural stone and concrete.

Can also be used to clean decking, fences and other timber structures.

EASY Masonry Cleaner provides ideal high performance cleaning. For lasting results we recommend the use of the appropriate sealer from the EASYSeal range.

  • Fantastic on garden ornaments, monuments and headstones.
  • Can also be used on fences and decking.
  • Contains no acids or solvents -will not damage natural/sensitive stone.
  • Rejuvenates heavily soiled paving, brickwork and masonry
  • Great results on garden ornaments, monuments & headstones
  • Can be used to clean on fences and decking
  • Contains no acids or solvents
  • It will not damage natural stone
  • Ready to use formula

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