EASY Membrane


  • Covering for shrub and flower borders, vegetable plots and fruit beds
  • Ground reinforcement
  • Beneath Grid/Cell systems
  • Under patios and driveways
  • Beneath artificial lawn
  • Under paths and aggregate areas
  • Beneath timber decking
  • Surface protection for plant pots and tubs




EASYMembrane – Weed Control & Ground Stabilisation Membrane

EASYMembrane 50

EASYMembrane 50 is an effective weed control system, allowing air, liquids and nutrients to pass through to the soil below whilst keeping different layers of substrate separated. Long term use of weed-killers can damage the soil and harm wildlife so it makes sense to use a product that works continually to prevent weed growth. This quality weed control membrane forms a solid barrier that weeds cannot grow through, without the need for harmful and potentially dangerous exposure to chemicals by children, pets and wildlife. It’s completely safe, non-toxic and is easily the best way to lay a weed free path, decking.

Available in: 1x15m, 2x25m & 2x50m

EASYMembrane 100

EASYMembrane 100 is a strong woven membrane which can be used as a ground stabiliser giving a secure base to work from. Ideal as a base for EASYGrid or other cellular ground reinforcement systems which may provide vehicle hard standing, access routes and bases for temporary structures etc. It also provides an effective separator to keep different layers of aggregate or substrate apart.

Available in: 1x15m, 2x25m, 2x50m & 3x50m


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